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Troy Fairbanks

I am a Drone Pilot and DP/Cinematographer (owner/operator of a DJI Inspire 3, FPV Drones, Red Komodo, Sony FX6, Sony a7s iii, and Black Magic 4K) based in Denver, Colorado, and available for hire worldwide. Makeda Creative LLC specializes in all sorts of commercial productions, drone cinematography, action sports, interview setups, corporate work, documentaries, live streams, and event coverage. Born and raised in Denver, I grew up playing many sports, spending a lot of time outdoors, and racing downhill longboards professionally. Although my roots are in action sports/outdoor industries, I have developed a love for variety in all types of productions/films. I have been passionate about video production since I picked up my first video camera at the age of 9. I have been involved in over 900 productions, traveled to 34 countries, earned a bachelors degree in Media Production from CU Boulder, worked as the director of photography on a feature film in Greenland called MELT, and have honed my drone cinematography skills (FPV and Inspire 3). I have a wide variety of professional camera packages, lights, audio equipment, tripods, gimbals, sliders, a teleprompter, jibs/cranes, and 13 different FPV drones. If needed, I have a great network to assemble crews based on the project's needs. I would be happy to talk about the project you have in mind.

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